Leeds Microbubble Consortium

Medicine, Not Just for Medics!

9 January 2015

Medicine is a highly competitive field that interests many students; however, medicine is not just about medics!  On Thursday, December 18, the STEM@Leeds team hosted 120 Year 10 and 11 students from schools across Yorkshire at the Medicine, Not Just About Medics event.  The high-ability students, already interested in studying medicine, participated in three different practicals from subjects across STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), exploring other medically related research areas and degree programs at the University of Leeds.

Members of Professor Evan's Molecular and Nanoscale Physics group at University of Leeds, Adam Chruchman, along with Radwa Abou-Saleh and Liam Hunter, hosted the highly successful Microbubbles practical where students built their own microbubble by optimizing different parameters to specifically target a disease in the body, making the best microbubble for the situation.  It was no easy task!

The overall feedback was extremely positive from the students, at the end of the session the team were told that, 'The students really enjoyed the session, in particular the session on microbubbles'.