Leeds Microbubble Consortium

Microbubble Posters to Feature at Paris Conference

21 August 2014

The Condensed Matter in Paris conference is scheduled to take place next week, 24-29th August.

Victoria Micro, a member of the Leeds Microbubble Consortium, will be in attendance and has been asked to present a poster as part of the Monday session, which outlines ‘Engineering nanodroplet-microbubble architectures for hydrophobic drug delivery’. In addition to Victoria’s poster, Adam Churchman, also of the Leeds Microbubble Consortium will be presenting his poster around ‘Developing Single Step Microfluidic Methods of Producing Microbubbles with an inner Oil Layer’, to delegates at the conference.

Contributions for both posters have come from Dr Sally Peyman and Professor Stephen Evans. The posters detail the current areas of research that the Leeds MB Consortium is focussing on.

Please click on the following links for further details about the Condensed Matter in Paris Conference and the Leeds Microbubble Consortium’s current projects.